Visual Artist, Professor, Photographer

Marcos Rossetton

The self-taught artist Marcos Rossetton explores human, social and media behavior, always granting playfulness with a tone of irony to a work that comprises a lot of criticism on the lifestyle of large cities. Making use of the deconstruction of everyday objects, added to materials such as latex and textile trims, including thread, pins and the fabric itself, Rossetton translates polarized, antagonistic and subliminal messages in the making of his provocative work pieces that carry a tone of acid yet poetic humor for the public to think and react on. So, expecting to promote a feeling he would describe as "non-inertia", preventing the spectator from succumbing to that numb feeling that is inherent to the large masses nowadays.

As a way of giving new meaning to the ghosts experienced in his childhood, such as violence from sexual harassment, dark traumas from the past, and school bullying due to his sexual orientation, the artist evokes a catharsis attribute of liberation in the production of his pieces, exorcising fears and enhancing, with an appeal to social activism, an awareness and respect for human diversities, within his creative process and belonging to his own construction trajectory as an individual.

Allowing himself to use multiple artistic languages ​​such as drawing, photography, sculpture and textile arts such as embroidery, Marcos Rossetton transits between facets investigating possibilities of instrumentalization and artistic expression so he can provoke reflections on sexuality, diversity and plurality in the spheres of behavior.

One of the artist's fields of investigation and research inclinations is in the support materials of his work, bringing to production the protagonism of unusual materials and support in order to potentiate the narrative in the field of creative ideas.

Marcos Rossetton has in his strong trajectory the symbols of semiotics and fashion. With majors in Fashion Image Creation and Advertising and being an Embroidery Technician, he has been working as a professor and tutor in the areas of creation and style in programs and courses involving those areas. In the academic field, as a professor, he has worked for educational institutions such as UNISO (University of Sorocaba - SP), Fefisa (Integrated Colleges of Santo André - SP), UniSantanna –SP, Senai-SP and is currently working at Centro Paula Souza and Senac.


  • Graduate Course: “Art Curatorship” / SENAC-SP - in progress;
  • Graduate Course: “Image Creation and Fashion Styling” / SENAC-SP;
  • Undergraduate Program: “Social Communication” emphasis on publicity and advertising / Universidade São Judas Tadeu - SP;
  • Technical courses: "Apparel" / SENAI-SP; “Web Design” / ENG-Macromedia; “Computer Graphics” / SENAC-SP.


  • Sculptural installation at the "2nd Diverse Exhibition: Expressions of Genres, Identities and Orientations". Piece: "Cactus Peniano" (Penile Cactus) from the artistic series "Miscigenação Peniana" (Penile Miscegenation). Museum of Sexual Diversity of São Paulo-SP / 2017;
  • Photographic installations at the “4th National Salon of PlaymoArte”. Collective exhibition "40 Years Playmobil - The Most Famous Smile of All Time". Piece: "PortaPlay EstandArte" (Portplay Banner), having 14 photos supported by banners. National Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro-RJ / 2015.


  • “TOYSTYLING: Fashion Collection Toys” / POP Gallery Bookstore. SP / 2007;
  • “Biennale Internacional Design 2006 Saint-Étienne” / exhibition “Exhibition / fashion shows Garde-Robes / Wardrobe”. France / 2006;
  • “Centre de Design de Marseille”, exhibition “Brasil, Brasil!! Objets de Luxe?”. Piece: “Transentir” (Transence). France / 2005


  • SENAI National Creativity Fair (FENACRI). 1st Place in the Apparel category with the project “CAMISOLAS INTELIGENTES” (Smart Nightdresses). Belo Horizonte-MG / 2004;
  • 15th Fashion Week - Casa de Criadores. 2nd New Fashion Talent Contest. 3rd Place in the Styling category, production of the editorial “Beleza Excessiva” (Excessive Beauty);
  • 15th Fashion Week - Casa de Criadores. 2nd New Fashion Talent Contest. Among the 20 selected in the Photography category, production of the editorial “Vanity Mask”;
  • 4th Fashion Week - Casa de Criadores. 1st New Fashion Talent Contest. 10th Place in the Styling category, production of the fashion editorial “Pintando o Sete” (Painting the Town Red).


  • Piece: “Cactus Peniano” (Penile Cactus), from the series "Miscigenação Peniana" (Penile Miscegenation), for the Museum of Sexual Diversity of São Paulo / 2017.


  • Photographic exhibition: “Saral no Quintal - TOM Brasileiro” at MOVA.C FEST INVERNO. Casa Mov.A.C. Cultural Space Welfare and Art / 2017.

Artista. Arte Contemporânea. Manifesto e criações genuínas. Linguagens: arte, design e conceito fashion de vanguarda.

Artist. Contemporary art. Manifest and genuine creations. Languages: art, design and avant-garde conceptual fashion.

São Paulo, SP
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